Audio system with 4 mini diffusers

Rental cost for entire fair duration
Code AV041
Service notes
The Exhibitor is advised to check, with the exhibition organisers, the possibility of reproducing audio material in the stand. The cost of the sound system is not inclusive of any SIAE copyrights. The quoted rent price applies to the whole exhibition time, and is inclusive of delivery, installation up to 3 m from ground and collection of the equipment. For installation at over 3 m height please select the related items AV043, AV044. The quoted amount does not include the supply of electricity and the insurance coverage for damaging and theft of the rented material. The Exhibitor will be requested to ensure the rented equipment’s safekeeping and shall be responsible in case of theft or damages affecting the equipment for any reason and in any way. The Exhibitor is requested to attach a plan of the exhibition stand to this booking form, in order to check the required assembly and any changes thereto which could cause variations in price. Please indicate the telephone number of the contact person and the date/time when you wish the equipment to be delivered at the stand. At the end of the exhibition, notify BOLOGNAFIERE staff so that the operator may collect the equipment in the presence of a person in charge.