Bar and kitchen equipment


Refrigerated multi-deck display 133 cm. wide 90 cm. depth 

Refrigerated multi-deck display 133 cm. wide 90 cm. depth +4°/+10°C
Height adjustable and tiltable shelves. Panoramic end panels. Nightblind. Internal lighting.
Supllied with 4 shelves 45 cm. + base display 60 cm. depth
The equipment is operated by 1,3 KW 230V (1P+N)  16A  schuko
Code AB184
Service notes
The quoted rent price is inclusive of delivery and collection from the stand, installation and technical service, and applies to the whole exhibition time. The quoted amount does not include the supply of electricity, water network connection and the insurance coverage for damaging and theft of the rented material. The Exhibitor will be requested to ensure the rented equipment’s safekeeping and shall be responsible in case of theft or damages affecting the equipment. In case of rented equipment breaking, BOLOGNAFIERE reserve the right to replace the item with an equal or similar one.