Cleaning services for stands


Floor washing outdoor areas

To be added to the the basic cleaning already included in the participation fee(or previously bought)
Additional service to the stand floor cleaning, made with wet mop, is carried out during the night  for the whole exhibition
Code PL020.1
Service notes
The service is bound to the purchase of "Standard Cleaning" (if not already included in the participation form)

The floor must be free from packages, boxes  and other materials The floor does not foresee the carpet cleaning Please indicate the size (metres) of the stand to clean. The surface shall include the whole plan area, including any square metres taken up by galleries, boxrooms and closed spaces. In case of locked rooms in the stand, the exhibitor is requested to hand in the keys to the Cleaning Service office, located on the ground floor, wing A. Should the service be cancelled with less than 5 working days' notice, the amount due will be entirely charged to the Exhibitor. For all complaints about cleaning services not properly carried out please send an e-mail to BolognaFiere ( within the first hour of Exhibition opening.