IT equipment



max 500 simultaneously connected users live on streaming.

- installation
- 1 tecnician to configure 1 camera dynamic or statics, 1 microphone (ice cream cone or lavalier)
- live streaming on Streamzilla.

Streaming and webcast service.
Recorded contents will be available and sharable on demand.

ideal for all those who want to improve the experience of one of the most "social" services that the web can offer.

Code PC025
Service notes
For any extra option please write to

Please verify with the Event’s organization if the service is available and audio reproduction is provided in your booth position.
Possible SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers' Society) fees are not included.

The selection of contents to be broadcasted, as well as acquiring the authorisation for their reproduction, where necessary, is entirely the responsibility of the user. BolognaFiere will not under any circumstances check contents, apart from aspects related to the technical specifications.
BolognaFiere may not be in any way held responsible for the non-authorised use of images by users or for any type of rights violation by third parties.
The user hereby releases BolognaFiere, undertaking therefore to indemnify it, from any responsibility to third parties that may complain about violations of intellectual property rights, damage to company image, honour, decorum, moral integrity or any monetary or non-monetary damage in consequence to the broadcast of images and contents uploaded by the user.
BolognaFiere reserves the right, at any time, to stop any broadcast which shows a clear violation of intellectual property rights of third parties or if the contents are defamatory, violent or otherwise contrary to public law and morality, and holds the right to be indemnified for any penalty subsequent from the contested infringement.