IT equipment



•Print technology: Laser
•Fax transmission speed: 3 sec/page
•Max. B/W cop speed (cpm): 20 ppm
•Paper size: A4
•Interface: High-Speed USB 2.0, RJ11 (Line+Ext)
•Dimensions and weight: 426 x 260 x 280 mm (W x D x H), 6 kg
•Phone: integrated handset Included: power cord, B/W toner and 100 sheets of A4, up to EUR 50 of prepaid credit

Rental for the entire event's duration
Code PC023
Service notes
Hire and installation of one of the following sets of equipment/services: Phone/CPE-LRE/Fax/ISDN/Broadband/etc., including laying of cables, activation and configuration, from the point requested by the exhibitor to the inside of the booth.The Exhibitor must return the appliances to the same offices at the end of the event. Failure to return the appliances at the end of the event will entail the charge of € 50,00 for missing or damaged telephone. The Exhibitor will be requested to ensure the assigned phone set's safekeeping and custody and shall be responsible in case of theft or damages affecting the phone sets for any reason and in any way. The Exhibitor is not allowed to open, disassemble, or in any way tamper with the sets, or have the sets repaired or the telephone installation moved by third parties. If a telephone set is damaged, it will have to be repaired entirely at the Exhibitor’s charge. Any phone use above the 50,00 € already included in the rental price will be charged according to TELECOM ITALIA S.P.A. current rates for Bolognafiere. If the telephone set cannot be operated through the exhibitor’s fault or for reasons attributable to the exhibitor, BOLOGNAFIERE shall be authorised to terminate the contract and retain 20% of the sum as a contribution towards the installation and rental of the telephone set. For the purposes of the present supply, BOLOGNAFIERE only provides the service and applies the guarantees and risks transferred to it by the Suppliers of the service. Please send a plan with the position of the socket to be installed on the stand.