Lease of electrical materials


Three phase  electrical switchboard up to 9 kW with 3 multi-gang trailing sockets

Three phase electrical switchboard up to 9 kW with 3 multi-gang trailing sockets
Distribution board hire, installation and commissioning: with modular pair of two-pole three-pole circuit breaker and up to 9 kW. This article will be provided with 3 multi-gang trailing sockets and single phase CEE socket 2P+T 16 A: TRAILING/WALL/ SWITCHBOARD
Code ME017
Service notes
 Rental includes delivery of the declaration of conformity for the system parts which have been implemented. The quoted rent prices are inclusive of installation and apply to the whole exhibition time. For a correct installation of the required electric system, the Exhibitor is requested to attach a plan of the stand with the positions where the lighting fixture and/or sockets have to be installed.

Please refer to BolognaFiere for a quotation of customized electrical system or for rental of equipment which is not listed in the catalogue. Applications not followed by payments will not be taken into consideration. In case of cancellation of your request with a notice shorter than 5 working days, the total amounts will be charged to the Exhibitor.

We remind the exhibitor to go to the office responsible for the electric service on the 1st floor, Service Center Block D, in order to sign in for the service requested.  The Exhibitor will be requested to ensure the rented equipment’s safekeeping.