Porterage and handling


Storage of manual Genie lifts

Service of exhibitor's own equipment storage in the warehouse inside the exhibition centre.
Code FM093
Service notes
The service does not include unloading at the warehouse, collection and returning of the goods to the stand. If no application is submitted, the exhibitor shall deliver the goods directly to the warehouse of MAGAZZINO C.F.P. - Interno BolognaFiere - Ingresso Nord-Ovest Calzoni - Via Calzoni -
40128 Bologna specifying Exhibtion, Exhibitor's name, Hall and Stand Number, using his own means. Goods may be stored in the warehouse for a maximum period of 15 days, after this period the storage cost will be reassessed. Please state the number of manual lifts to be stored.
Any equipment attached to empty boxes will be considered empty goods and delivered at the end of the exhibition.  BOLOGNAFIERE is not responsible for any damage or theft.
At the end of the service, the company requesting the supplied service is compelled to sign the working sheet  as acceptance of the service successfully supplied. Any eventual claim not raised during the moment of service acceptance won’t be taken into consideration in any way.
Applications not followed by payments will not be taken into consideration. In case of cancellation of your request with a notice shorter than 5 working days, the total amounts will be charged to the Exhibitor.