Bar and kitchen equipment
water dispensers
Natural water dispenser

Code AB008

Following supply of 19 l natural water

Code AB009

coffe machines
Automatic coffee machine

Code AB001

Following supply of no.150 pods

Code AB002

Following supply of no.150 pods decaffeinated coffee

Code AB003

EB Ley  pods  50 pcs (barley coffee)

Code AB004

fridge bar/ice cube maker/refrigeration
Upright refrigerator 130ltr capacity 

Code AB080

Upright refrigerator 180ltr capacity

Code AB081

Upright refrigerator 300ltr capacity 

Code AB082

Upright refrigerator 200+40ltr with freezer compartment

Code AB083

glass and dish washers
CAPOT dish/glasswasher 50x50 cm square basket 42 cm height door 

Code AB060

Dish/glasswasher 50x50 cm square basket door 32cm height

Code AB062

50x50 cm dish rack for AB060 and AB062

Code AB072

50x50 cm flat rack for AB060 and AB062

Code AB071

sinks with mixer tap
Single bowl s/steel sink + drainer W130 cm

Code AB055

Double bowl s/steel sink + drainer W160 cm

Code AB056

S/steel sink 50x35cm

Code AB057

positive temperature
Chest fridge with sliding 300 lts

Code AB099

Chest fridge with sliding lid 400 lts.

Code AB100

Wine cooler 150ltr. black finish 

Code AB123

Wine cooler 150ltr. black finish with lock

Code AB124

oven and ranges
Microwave oven 900W

Code AB034

Professional microwave oven 1600/1850W

Code AB033

Electric combi oven 10 moisture levels 6 1/1GN capacity   

Code AB027

Electric combi oven 10 moisture levels 10 1/1gn capacity

Code AB028

deep-fryers, pasta cookers, hot plates
Twin contact / panini grill

Code AB046

Induction top - single zone ECO  


Code AB011

Countertop s/steel griddle with chromium surface

Code AB014

1 module smooth electric fry-top 900 range

Code AB016

extractor hoods
Cooking hood 200 cm wide with absorption system

Code AB037

Cooker hood 120 cm wide 1000mc/h with filter unit

Code AB035

Cooker hood 140 cm wide 2000mc/h with filter unit

Code AB036

pizza equipment
Refrigerated pizza counter with granite top work and refrigerated containers

Code AB039

Twin deck pizza oven 

Code AB038

Spiral kneader 38 kg of dough

Code AB041

Pasta sheet roller

Code AB042

Vertical food slicer size L/XL - diam. 360 High-Line

Code AB050

Gravity food slicer size L - 315/330 gravity ECO

Code AB051

Gravity food slicer size S - 275  

Code AB052

Flywheel slicer on cast iron stand - blade diameter 330/370 mm.

Code AB053

negative temperature
Blast chiller/freezer 5x 1/1GN

Code AB106

Chest freezer with glass sliding lid 317ltr 

Code AB107

Display freezer  panoramic BT 76 cm wide

Code AB108

Island freezer 200 cm wide market BT

Code AB109

stainless steel tables
S/steel table 80cm wide with detachable legs

Code AB200

S/steel table 120 cm wide

Code AB201

S/steel table 160cm wide with shelf

Code AB202

S/steel cupboard 120cm wide

Code AB203

s/steel GN containers and trays
1/1GN tray 4 cm high  -SINGLE - (for art. AB027, AB028)

Code AB301

1/1gn container 20 cm high with lid W53xD32,5xH20 (SINGLE)

Code AB306

1/1GN container 15cm high with lid W53xD32,5xH15 (SINGLE)

Code AB307

Tray W60xD40xH2 (also for  AB32)

Code AB302